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About us

UEU – Ural Economic Union is a non-commercial organization connecting its members for aim and task realization. We represent the interests of minor, medium-sized and large business embracing all business spheres: manufacturing, inner and outer trade, agriculture, financial system, logistics and tourism. We specialize on Ural regions (Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk oblast, Bashkortostan republic) and represent them outside the Russian Federation.

Organizations’ aims and tasks section perfectly describes our articles and business missions we complete. In other words, our work is aimed at the search of modern innovative companies around the world that plan to enlarge their footprint. For these purposes, we represent Ural territory with about 20 mln of people with more than average salary. We are ready to open a start-up office for you, form the needed personnel to teach it specific character of your production, and analyze the market of your end product on Ural territory. We can also find several potentially interesting sites for production facility location with corresponding preferences of our government and local authorities. We provide full project expediting up to the moment of production startup, and can help to maintain it in case of co-production. Our organization is non-commercial, which is why all our missions are aimed at certain results.

During the last year, UEU has opened representative offices in such regions as: Poland (Katowice), Slovakia (Kosice), Hungary (Budapest), Kirgizia (Bishkek), Kazakhstan (Astana), Spain (Barcelona), Southern Federal District and Crimea (Krasnodar), Ukraine (Lviv). In the course of this year we organized various trips with about 80 city and area executives, directors and businessmen from Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan oblasts and Bashkiria. We managed to visit Crimea Republic, Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, Kirgizstan, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland for three times. We are preparing for summer trips to Crimea, Dagestan and Spain. As a rule, each group consists of 15-18 people that are gathered together according to their interests and the projects located on the visited territory.

During these trips, a lot of meetings with businessmen, tour operators, region heads and business unions are organized. We search for sister cities for our municipalities, decide on culture days dedicated to this or that country and organized in Ural towns. We also establish air travel between our regions, professional exchange between universities, and more.

From the other side, businessmen and production site representative visits from other Russian regions and states take place in our region. That allows for getting familiar with the region, expanding or moving of business and enterprises to Ural region. It especially concerns Ukrainian and European companies that divide or move production processes to settle on Russian market.

In each trip, we get 3-4 contracts with co-working proposals, and some of them are finally concluded, which results into production start in our region. In the last 3 months we managed to open such projects as: co-working with the Polish to produce strollers, mattresses and children clothes; soy procession facilities organized together with the Ukrainians (mill cake and oilcakes production), and 10 more projects functioning on different stages. Recently, we have introduced our web-site Your assistance and commitment can help us to show the possibilities and potential of our region for your enterprise, which will result into further mutually beneficial co-working.